Week Review

Apr 12, 2024 • 1 min read

Every Friday at noon, I take the time to conduct a thorough review of my week. This has become an essential part of my routine and it helps me stay organized, focused, and motivated.

The process begins by setting up a recurring task on Todoist. This task comes with a list of subtasks that guide me through my review.

The first step is to close all distractions. This is crucial in helping me to focus solely on the task at hand and reflect on the week without any interruptions.

Next, I review projects to-do lists. This allows me to see what tasks were completed, what’s still pending, and what needs my immediate attention.

For any uncompleted tasks, I don’t beat myself up; instead, I either postpone them or set a new due date. This helps keep my task list manageable and ensures that no task is forgotten or left behind.

Now comes the most important part of my weekly review: filling out my week review sheet in Notion. This sheet has several fields that help me evaluate my week effectively. These fields include:

  • what went well;
  • what went wrong;
  • start to do;
  • stop to do;
  • completed pomodoros;
  • next actions.

To make my week review more personal and engaging, I often give it a title and attach an image. This not only makes the review more visually appealing but also makes it easier to reference in the future.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I take a moment to celebrate my successes, no matter how big or small. This act of self-appreciation motivates me to keep pushing forward and strive for success in the upcoming week.

This is my weekly Friday noon review - a simple yet effective way of keeping myself accountable, tracking my progress, and setting myself up for success.

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