Typesmith v2.0.0

Apr 6, 2021 • 1 min read

Last week I released the new Typesmith v2.0.0.

Typesmith is a responsive typography library built in Sass.

It’s my first open-source project. I created it working on the editorial products for Citynews. So, it’s designed for this purpose. If you have a blog, magazine, news website or whatever you could find it very useful., it uses px as unit measure because I usually design in pixels. Any conversion to relative units comes next with the @rem Sass function.

How it works

Typesmith is made up of a few essentials:

  1. a Sass map to manage typography sizes
  2. a Sass mixin that uses the map for font-size and line-height CSS declarations
  3. a list of CSS classes for direct use in HTML templates (optional)

Type Sizes

I chose classic English speaking world names: Canon, Double Pica, Paragon and more.

I think having a unique name for a specific size helps communication between designers and devs implementing a design. Like design tokens do.


There’re some things you can customize:

  • Control Vertical Rhythm wit CSS Custom Properties
  • Change media-query Breakpoints
  • Enable or Disable CSS classes

What’s next

I’m working on some nice feature for the future:

  • Different Type Scales
  • Relative units (like vmin or vmax)

😎 Stay tuned!

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