CSSUI is out

Sep 23, 2021 • 1 min read

Last week I published CSSUI, a library of interactive components in pure CSS 🎉🎉🎉

The idea behind this project was pretty clear to me since the start: create a library of the most used interactive components withour any Javascript at all.

Remember the jQueryUI components?

Well, I took that list and re-created it in pure CSS.


A list of available components included in this release:

For any of these you get both the HTML template and the CSS file. Just simple as that. 🙂

New components are in the roadmap and I plan to release them very soon.

Agnostic Approach

I focused my work on making it as “agnostic” as possibile. No CSS classes are used to style elements. No naming conventions to rely on.

Yout can customize components using CSS Variables or apply your own classes depending on project’s architecture.

Why to use CSSUI

Use CSSUI to quickly design and build interactive components without any additional scripts. You haven’t to reinvent the wheel to create a modal or a dropdown. Just use pure HTML and CSS.

It isn’t a framework like Bootstrap or Tailwind. You can’t build an entire website with it.

What’s next

The very first release v0.1.0 was published a week ago but many other updates will follow.

I work on this project in my spare time so there isn’t a structured release planning. But, I just get some great feedback and interest.

Omar just joined the project as collaborator. I’m pretty excited about what we’re planning to do in the next weeks. Stay tuned 😎

Please, if you notice bugs open an issue. We’ll take care of it.

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